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The Honey Harvest!

Beekeepers dance on the edge of insanity. We are passionate about stinging insects wiser people shun. In pursuit of our fascination with honey bees, we don thick suits or heavy jeans, long sleeves, hats and gloves in 100 degree weather. … Continue reading

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The Russians Are Coming

I became concerned when our first daffodils budded in March. I both rejoiced and sighed at every blossoming cherry tree I spied. I begged roadside dandelions not to bloom until the middle of April, telling them that they will be able rewarded … Continue reading

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Bye Bees

Two weeks ago, I walked past our beehive and noticed that the sugar-syrup concoction I had been feeding my bees had not diminished over the past several weeks. Maybe it was too cold for them to collect any more food, I reasoned. I rapped … Continue reading

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A Drone’s Love

Until this week,  drones, or male bees, seemed pretty worthless to me. They do not make honey. They don’t guard the hives. They don’t tend the young, seek nectar, produce wax or perform any visible service to the hive. They … Continue reading

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