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Food Related Links

We woke up yesterday to a land of winter. Fresh snow was piled onto old snow, and the forecast warned of 10 more inches. We had spent the week cross country skiing, preparing trees for maple sugar and sledding. The week of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Thoughts

My classmates and I placed our pink and red tissue-covered shoe boxes on our desks and stood in line. We then walked around the room, shoving cards into each other’s boxes. Once I had circulated the room, I spent the … Continue reading

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The Practice of Thankfulness

I frequently find myself discouraged or frustrated at home. The daily chores never are done or are undone by our toddler. Muddy shoes are piled in the entrance way; pee splattered on the toilet, and dishes need to unloaded and … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Renovating Process

Our family is renovating a nineteenth-century home. Demolition and construction occur weekly, if not daily. My husband devotes every Saturday and some weekday evenings to improving the home. I’m grateful he is a skilled builder, who grew up helping his … Continue reading

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The Honey Harvest!

Beekeepers dance on the edge of insanity. We are passionate about stinging insects wiser people shun. In pursuit of our fascination with honey bees, we don thick suits or heavy jeans, long sleeves, hats and gloves in 100 degree weather. … Continue reading

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Homemade Beauty?

I vacillate between accumulating commercial beauty supplies and purging chemical-laden products from my collection. Usually the purges occur after discovering I’m pregnant or after reading about the harmful chemicals lurking in so many of our beauty products. The bathroom trash will be … Continue reading

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Screams issued from my son’s irate maroon-colored face. He kicked the tray attached to his highchair and struggled against the buckles holding him to his seat. Despite acting hungry at 5:00, he rejected the meal I labored to prepare for … Continue reading

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