A Note on the Fly

Sorry to interrupt, but I must tell you that a hyper hummingbird is hovering outside my window as I type. She’s a little duller than her mate, but I have never been so close to these chiwawas of the sky. She moves constantly, even as she pauses to examine my office through the window. Her beak is opened like a pair of tweezers, and she has a long flickering tongue.

I wonder why she is visiting me. My room is dull, flowerless, white, but I don’t mind her company. I wish she would stay. Even as the thought flashes into my mind, she is gone. I miss her, yet I know if she lingered, I’d ignore her. She would become part of ordinary life, like the rhododendron tree, the dandelion, or even our neighborhood cardinal. 


About beewhisper

Christian, Mama, Wife, Gardener, Beekeeper
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One Response to A Note on the Fly

  1. Isaac says:

    Nice description! I love the tension between the interests / attention span of the bird vs the bird watcher.

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