The Practice of Thankfulness

I frequently find myself discouraged or frustrated at home. The daily chores never are done or are undone by our toddler. Muddy shoes are piled in the entrance way; pee splattered on the toilet, and dishes need to unloaded and then reloaded into the dish washer.

The work any mom does is often invisible. Others notice only when something is undone. A clean toilet is ignored; a dirty one gets comments. I can’t expect my family to praise me for maintaining a sanitary home or even for feeding them. I certainly didn’t appreciate my own mother’s labors.

Rather than complain, I am trying to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. When I find myself irritated by some chore, I attempt to see it as a blessing.

Thus, I am thankful for muddy shoes, because my boys are healthy enough to wear them. I am thankful for dirty dishes, because we had enough money to fill those dishes with food. I am thankful for splattered toilets, because it means my three-year-old is potty trained.

How do you maintain joy when faced with mundane tasks?


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