Room for One

We recently moved out of half of our house to make way for renovations. The guest room, where our baby slept, and the master bedrooms are being gutted to make way for a new master bath.

As a result, our five bedroom house has been reduced to three bedrooms, one of which is rented to a family friend. We moved into our oldest son’s room, and he happily sleeps in a newly completed room next door. Initially, we intended both of our boys, age 3 and 1, to share a room. Since they moved in together, our little boys have started playing together sometime between 5 and 5:30 a.m.  It would be adorable if it weren’t so early. After a week of predawn giggling, we realized the boys had to be separated.

Where should we sleep the baby? He could take afternoon nap in the bathroom, but we don’t want to brush our teeth around a sleeping baby at night.

My ever-resourceful husband solved our dilemma by designing a canopy for my son’s bed. He built a simple wooden frame wide enough to fit around the crib and then stapled some fabric around it to block light. We used some scrap fabric from my husband’s work, but I imagine that old bed sheets and tablecloths would work as well. We set up the min-room in the hallway, which is, fortunately, very wide.

Our littlest one seems to be adjusting to his mini-room well. (At this moment, he is napping peacefully.) However, this arrangement has not yet improved our sleep: This morning, we found two little boys talking in the hallway crib at 5:30 a.m.



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