A Very Homemade Christmas

For the past two years, my childhood Christmas ornaments have languished in our attic, rather than being displayed on a tree. The first year, I had no for a Christmas tree, because we spent each Christmas Eve at my mother’s. I did absolute no decorating the following year because we were in the midst of gutting our kitchen.

I loved staying at my mother’s house. Christmas morning, I woke up in my childhood bed and could pretend I was ten, eager to see the magic that occurred Christmas Eve. When I came downstairs, presents were stacked under a sparkly evergreen, but I didn’t have to wrangle with lights and sweep up pine needles. After opening our gifts, I would eat a breakfast I didn’t prepare from dishes I didn’t need to wash. This Christmas, I realized that it was too much to ask my mother if my clan of four could invade her home for the night. We needed to begin our own Christmas traditions.

stockings 011

Christmas isn’t quite Christmas without the tree, so Isaac set out to find the cheapest one available. He and Oliver hiked through the woods and over the gully behind my house hoping to bring home a free ornament-worthy tree. The only evergreens he saw were simply too tall and too bushy. He considered cutting the tops off the trees or substituting a holly bush for the traditional pine. Instead, we purchased a very ordinary tree at Home Depot.

Once the tree was set and the lights strung, we hung my ornaments. Immediately I realized that instead of having ornaments and no tree, we had too much tree for our ornaments. We also lack a proper tree topper or a garland, so there simply is too much green in that evergreen.

Isaac turned one of my favorite ornaments — the Star of Bethlehem — into a topper with a wire tie from the bread bag. He carefully positioned some lights around it so that it glows.

I made a few ornaments by dehydrating orange slices. They are a translucent gold and quite charming. I will probably make them again next year. I also constructed a simple garland by cutting stars out of leftover wrapping paper. I’m not showing it because it’s a little more homemade looking than I like. Next year, we might string popcorn and cranberries instead. Perhaps we’ll have an edible tree!

I spent the majority of my energy sewing stockings. This is our first year celebrating Christmas at home, and no one but Oliver owns a stocking. (I made Oliver’s stocking last year.) I dread shopping with a toddler and a newborn, so I decided to make stockings instead.

stockings 012

I drew my pattern a paper bag. When I showed my first pattern to my husband, his face fell. “It’s not big enough,” he said.

His favorite holiday stocking was a pillowcase his parents stuffed with goodies. I didn’t blame him. I wanted enough space for extra chocolate in my stocking. So, I redrew the pattern twice as large.

I found some suitable fabric among my scraps. Blue and brown may not be traditional Christmas colors, but that’s what was available. The pocket on Isaac’s stocking was stolen from one of Oliver’s shirts. (Sorry, Oliver!) To keep this mamma sane, I decided to make Ethan’s stocking next  year. He’ll never know, unless you tell him.

I’m eager to enjoy the holiday with my dear little people and my favorite man. I hope you also have a wonderful Christmas and a joyful New Year!



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2 Responses to A Very Homemade Christmas

  1. lovetopaint says:

    I found this ornament this week when I was making rolled flowers for my mom (for a bouquet outside her new apartment). I think they might be right up your alley! (and they’d be really inexpensive and fun to make 🙂 …. http://www.howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2011/11/how-to-make-3d-paper-ball-ornaments.html

  2. beewhisper says:

    Those ornaments look awesome! Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

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