Isaac’s “Baby”

Now that I introduced you to our newborn, I think you should meet Isaac’s baby. It was conceived months ago and arrived in November, weeks after Ethan’s birth.

NaomiSleepsThere 005

Here it is! Isn’t the natural gas boiler precious?

Isaac began installing the boiler during his week of paternity leave. The following week, he woke up at 5 a.m. every morning striving to finish the task. After two long weeks of labor, he was finally ready to fire the boiler. At 11:00 pm Saturday night he flicked the switch that should have brought warmth to our home. Nothing.

Isaac diagnosed the problem hours later.  The gas control valve would not open.  A disappointed man crept into a cold bed in a cold room at 2 a.m. that night.

NaomiSleepsThere 003

The next day, we invited some friends over for supper after church. One of them owned a heating and air conditioning business. After dinner, Isaac explained to him the situation and showed him the boiler. Our friend picked up a wrench and tapped on the gas valve. Immediately the boiler fired and hot water began pumping through our radiators, warming the house.

Perhaps that is the difference between a professional and a skilled amateur. My husband’s installation was almost flawless — he just didn’t know where to hit the darn thing to make it work.

NaomiSleepsThere 001

Here’s Oliver’s solutions to the holes daddy made for a new radiator. He gleefully tattles on his father when Daddy makes a mess in the midst of construction. Holes, in particular, intrigue and perturb my neat-freak of a toddler. I do wish he noticed his messy room as much as his dad’s constructive messes.


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