My Growth Chart

For two years, I have longed for some way of charting my children’s growth beyond the traditional method of scribbling on a wall or door frame. We are loathe to write on a freshly painted wall or record our children’s growth on a wall that will soon be repainted or replaced.

I harnessed my anxious energy from the double threat of imminent childbirth and hurricane Sandy to make my own growth chart. It was another peacock project — nice but non-essential — and thus perfect for late term pregnancy.

While rain from Sandy transformed our lawn into a kiddie swimming pool, my husband and I dug through our pile of wood scraps until we found a slab approximately 5 feet long and 6 inches wide. We trimmed its crooked edges and briefly sanded it. (I wish we had sanded it a little smoother.)

I painted the board white, using primer and paint we had leftover from our renovations. Then I used a pencil to mark each inch and foot and traced over them using a black Sharpie marker.

Rather than decorate the chart with large numbers, I marked each foot with simply drawn cartoons of various vehicles I thought my boys would love.

When the storm subsided, we assessed our outcome. I was still pregnant, the electricity still worked, our basement was mostly dry … and I had a cool, free growth chart to hang on our walls. We did very well.


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