A Wall in a Day, Curtains in a Year

My expanding abdomen reminds me that I have only a few months to correct the nagging problems around my house. Once our baby arrives, the most housework I’ll be able to complete is the occasional swish of the toilet brush. Decorating will be limited to making the bed. In the time remaining, I am rearranging the furniture, cleaning the house often and completing long ignored projects.

While expecting my first child, I made a set of curtains for the nursery and then demanded that we paint the room to coordinate. At the time, my husband was entangled in the PVC pipes leading to the a new shower in our downstairs bathroom, so my mother painted the room.

During this pregnancy, I have sewn a set of Roman shades for our living room, using  this tutorial.  I love the shade’s fabric and style.

The fabric was a gift from my husband for our second anniversary gift. My gift to him was to be the finished shades. Nine months later — thankfully before our third anniversary — I completed the window coverings.

My husband does not need kicking fetus to remind him to remodel, he labors consistently on the house. Yet, I have not written about his work recently. His current projects are not photogenic, and I am too ignorant to explain them well.

He has postponed finishing the kitchen, wisely choosing to insulate our house before winter. Before we can begin insulating, we must complete many other projects.

My husband is replacing all the outdated electrical wires before insulating and repairing the hallway ceiling. (We tore the ceiling down this winter.) Electrical work can be challenging enough without having to weave wires through thick insulation.

Before updating the electrical circuits, any wall that we want built should be built. The walls provide us a place to attach outlet boxes, switches and wires, which must eventually pass into the ceiling.

I’m always amazed at the time necessary to completing various projects. Invisible details — electrical work and insulation — engage months of my husband’s time. Yet, projects that I consider to be big and important are finished in a few hours.

For example, my husband built a wall in less than a day.

He had an eager helper. Our two-year-old son sat outside the work area watching his daddy for hours. Every time his father hammered a joist into place, the toddler banged on the floor with a squeegy yelling “knock, knock, knock.”

After “knocking” together the new wall, my husband lifted it in place and secured it with a few screws.

The new wall divides one awkwardly long room into two well proportioned bedrooms (or one office and one bedroom). Perhaps we’ll plan colors and curtains for these rooms soon.


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4 Responses to A Wall in a Day, Curtains in a Year

  1. Katie says:

    Hurray for finished curtains!

  2. Gia says:

    Is this one of the upstairs bedrooms?

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