Everything and Two Kitchen Sinks!

Last Saturday, we finally moved out of the temporary kitchen into our real kitchen. It has a dishwasher and two sinks!

The kitchen is functional but not complete. We have lights to hang, crown molding to install and windows to trim. Despite its unfinished state, I think my kitchen is beautiful. I’m a little prejudice. After all, my handy hubby designed it for me.

To convince you that my new space is wonderful, I’ll give you a quick tour.

First, let me remind you of how the kitchen originally appeared.

To the left of the cooking area was a small hallway that led to a second, unused stairway. The kitchen was darkly lit and frighteningly red.

Here’s our transformed kitchen:

I love the quiet, neutral palate of our new kitchen. Cooking itself is colorful,  active and occasionally stressful. I wanted my kitchen colors to balance the chaos of food preparation, and to soothe any pre-feast stress.

 The well-lit breakfast nook of our former kitchen has been mostly unaltered. We did replace the windows with more energy efficient and lead free versions. We also refinished the hardwood floor hiding behind all those layers of vinyl and linoleum.







We added a second sink and mini drink refrigerator. Now my husband’s beer will no longer occupy the meat drawer of our main fridge. I also use the refrigerator as a space to prepare and store cakes. After a day or two in the main refrigerator, buttercream icing tastes a little onion-like. Onion-iced chocolate cake, anyone?




The granite counters are the only part of the kitchen not prepared and installed by family members. This Ubatuba granite looks black from a distance but has flecks of brown, red and green.



The tile spans from my main kitchen sink to the island. Here my son is helping his dad remove spacers between each tile. Later, my husband filled the space with grout.


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3 Responses to Everything and Two Kitchen Sinks!

  1. bluebelle says:

    Wowwwww!!! How exciting and lovely! So glad u can use it now and the pictures and information are fun — especially loving how Oliver is captured doing carpentry work for his Dad!! 🙂

  2. It doesn’t even look like the same room! Beautiful. He can come do our kitchen next 🙂 Hey, I always mean to send you a note and don’t for no good reason. Hope you are doing well!

  3. lovetopaint says:

    That’s awesome! It looks great 🙂

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