Final Preparations

Baked, iced, wrapped and chilled the cakes are ready for their 6-hour drive tomorrow.  But am I prepared to survive the long journey, biting my nails as we travel with highway juggernauts and zippy crotch- rockets? – Pray that I remain as cool as my cakes, and that all the occupants of my vehicle arrive safely.

I finished baking the last chocolate cake Sunday. I wanted to show you, but I left my camera at my mother’s house over the weekend. You’ll just have imagine two pounds of chocolate bars slowly melding with oozy butter and then being folded into foaming eggs. What a wonderful, simple, decadent cake!

This week, I also fold pinwheels to decorate the tiered wedding cake. Our inspiration was this stunning wedding cake from Eat Cake Be Merry. (I’m almost ashamed to show you this cake, because after seeing the work of a professional, you might not be impressed with mine.)

Rather than make fondant pinwheels, I folded paper according to this tutorial. I glued toothpicks on the back of each to secure it to the cake.

Thinking, the cake project was complete, and I started to write my matron-of-honor speech. (Matron of honor – what a title! It might be a suitablefor the Dowager Countess on PBS’s Downton Abbey, but it seems a little stodgy for me. Despite my marriage and my baby, might I still be called a maid of honor?)

My speech is still unwritten. I quit preparing it when I learned that our original cake topper was 6.5 inches tall – the same height as the wedding cake! In retrospect, I might have made the cake four layers thick rather than two, but it was too late to bake, ice and insert additional layers. We must find a new topper by Friday.

Both the bride and I love these silhouette toppers from Simply Silhouette. The design would suite the themes of the cake. Today I am attempting to  to cut out a pair of silhouettes (of course, they would be more simple than this) from black card stock.

Custom Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper in Acrylic made from your photos by Simply Silhouettes











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One Response to Final Preparations

  1. lovetopaint says:

    You are so creative! I think the wheels on the brown table are the ones you did, right? Impressive 😉 I hope your silhouettes turned out well!

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