Sticky Fingers

On Monday, my mother whisked my son off to a day-long adventure, and a talented friend assisted me in an icing extravaganza. I recently discovered the upside-down method of icing a cake and love it. Here’s a nice tutorial on how to achieve a smoothly iced cake without too much fret.

Even with help and a great method, I barely wiped the last of the frosting off our table before my son arrived. (My table had nearly as much icing on it as one of the cakes.) The sticky buttercream that landed on the floor reminded there until the next day.

Due to excessively gooey fingers, I didn’t photograph the icing process, but I do have pictures of us assembling the cake. To prepare the cake for its 8-hour journey, we supported the cake tiers with straws. My husband, the engineer, moonlights as my cake architect. For the bottom 10-inch tier, we cut seven straws to the height of the tier and then inserted five of them in a 7 inch diameter circle. The remaining two straws were placed towards the center of the circle. These straws will support the other two tiers. We repeated the process for our middle tier. No straws were necessary for the top tier as it has nothing to support.

Then we carefully stacked the tiers, lifting each tier with two sturdy spatulas. Finally, the whole cake was stabbed with a skewer to ensure stability during its car trip. My husband is going to build me special boxes to protect the cakes from possible mishap, and we’ll keep them cool with dry ice or simply the car’s air conditioning.

Today, I made a few chocolate roses out of modeling chocolate. These will adorn the chocolate cakes I’m baking this week. The modeling chocolate behaved like play dough and was quite easy to shape. Here’s a tutorial if you want to try.

Cake to do: 

  • Bake and freeze 1 10-inch round cake, 1 8-inch round cake, 2 6-inch round cakes, 6 9×13 cakes
  • Prepare 4 batches of icing and freeze 
  • Ice, freeze and taste practice cake
  • Ice and freeze lemon cakes
  • Shape chocolate roses
  • Created pleated pinwheels to decorate tiered cake
  • Bake 4 10-inch round chocolate oblivion cakes

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