Freezing Iced Cakes

Yes, Virginia, you can freeze an iced cake.

I doubted the quality of a frozen cake. Certainly the cake would become dry and the icing have a slight whiff of freezer, but thankfully neither proved true. While baking the real wedding cake, I also baked a 6-inch experimental cake. I iced late one night, placed it in the freezer until the icing hardened then wrapped it with plastic wrap and awaited until I could find a collection of eager taste-testers.

My husband and I have been rather tired of eating lemon cake. I’ve baked two cakes a week for the past 4 weeks, and each cake must be trimmed before it’s coated in syrup and frozen. Of course we tasted the trimmed portion of the cake – what if I forgot the salt? Or what if I added too much vanilla? (Is there such a thing as too much vanilla?) As a result, we’ve eaten a lot of lemon cake and did not have the appetite for yet another slice.

I woke early last Friday, remembering my mom’s group met that morning. There would be a room full of hungry pregnant or nursing moms craving sugary butter. I crept out of bed, pulled the cake from the freezer, removed its wrapping and let it slowly come to room temperature. The only decoration I managed was a heart of chocolate chips on the top, and that I did instead of preparing breakfast for a hungry hubby and baby or changing out of my flannel pajamas.

When I showed up with the tiny cake, the mothers at my table seemed to appreciate the confection and happily devoured most of the cake. I was relieved to notice that the cake’s flavor and texture was not ruined by spending a week below freezing.

Satisfied with my experiment, I’ll ice and freeze the real wedding cake Monday, and travel down to my sister wedding with the layers separate. When I arrive at the reception hall Thursday, February 23, I’ll assemble the cake and place the final decorations.

Cake to do:

  • Bake and freeze 1 10-inch round cake, 1 8-inch round cake, 2 6-inch round cakes, 6 9×13 cakes
  • Prepare 4 batches of icing and freeze (I’ve made 3 so far.)
  • Ice, freeze and taste practice cake
  • Ice and freeze lemon cakes (Monday)
  • Bake 4 10-inch round chocolate oblivion cakes (Next week)

Here’s a batch of photos completely unrelated to cakes or home building.




Enjoy your day! 


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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Wow… the little guy is growing so much! Super cute :o)

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