Cabinets and tools

I menacingly swing a rubber spatula over my husband with each stroke, it cracks through the air, sounding “Kitch -en! Kitch-en!” instead of the classic whip sound “Which-a! Which-a!”  – Or so my husband would wish you to believe.

The truth is that I’m not in hurry to get my fancy new kitchen. I sort of like this temporary kitchen. It’s a funky, gallery-style arrangement, and the kitchen is heaps better than any I used in my college — especially the one that doubled as a laundry room. In that kitchen, I spilled food on my clothes before I wore them.

While I’m cheerfully cooking in our banquet-hall-turned-kitchen, my husband has been finishing our future kitchen. Last weekend he applied wood filler to plug the nail holes and gaps in the floor. A few cracks and holes remained after the first coat was applied, so he added a second. The filler is a little like putty and created some build up in various areas of the floor. So, he sanded the excess smooth. A large drummer sander would have made this a quick chore, but he only had a small orbiting sander available.

After sanding, he stained the floor a dark brown color (Minwax’s walnut stain). It needs a little more hand sanding and a second coat of stain before we can top the floor off with layers of polyurethane.

We’ve also install a few doors on our cabinets. My husband invented a pair of tools to ensure that all of his handles are have the exact same spacing from the edge of the cabinet using some scrap wood. Pretty spiffy!

Here’s the tool in use. My husband made a right-handed and a left-handed tool to fit on both sides of the cabinet door.

A glance at some set and unset cabinets. The maple cabinets are made by Armstrong and the color is vanilla cream with a caramel glaze. Our wall is painted with Behr Natural Gray.


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