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One Sweet Wedding

I’ve finally washed out the last of the hairspray, and my feet have recovered from standing in fancy three heels for a several hours. Now is the perfect time to update you on the wedding cake adventure. The evening before … Continue reading

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Final Preparations

Baked, iced, wrapped and chilled the cakes are ready for their 6-hour drive tomorrow.  But am I prepared to survive the long journey, biting my nails as we travel with highway juggernauts and zippy crotch- rockets? – Pray that I remain … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Radio

On Sunday mornings I rise with the wail of my babe instead of the vibration of my husband’s cell phone alarm. I quickly clothe my toddler and send him creeping down the stairs with his dad. I hear him chime … Continue reading

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Sticky Fingers

On Monday, my mother whisked my son off to a day-long adventure, and a talented friend assisted me in an icing extravaganza. I recently discovered the upside-down method of icing a cake and love it. Here’s a nice tutorial on how … Continue reading

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Freezing Iced Cakes

Yes, Virginia, you can freeze an iced cake. I doubted the quality of a frozen cake. Certainly the cake would become dry and the icing have a slight whiff of freezer, but thankfully neither proved true. While baking the real … Continue reading

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Cabinets and tools

I menacingly swing a rubber spatula over my husband with each stroke, it cracks through the air, sounding “Kitch -en! Kitch-en!” instead of the classic whip sound “Which-a! Which-a!”  – Or so my husband would wish you to believe. The truth is … Continue reading

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