Making Progress

Oh, hello! It’s been awhile. You might wondering how our kitchen is progressing or if I’ve been buried under a mountain of flour and sugar while baking a 300-person cake. Mercifully, both projects are progressing rather well, with the help of some very talented family members.

The weather outside has been temperate, but in our home there have been several snowy white storms of sifted flour and sanded floors. (I”ll feature my flour, butter, sugar project in another post. This one is all about my new kitchen.)

My sister-in-law spent almost three weeks on her hands and knees vigorously scraping glue from the kitchen’s hardwood floor. She spent the last few days sanding it until the aging wood shone like the day it was split from a tree.

My father-in-law slathered plaster on the walls, painted drywall and installed cabinets. Although he needed to return home before the final cabinets were installed, he did not leave until he knew my handy hubby could complete the project on weekends.

Here’s a glimpse at our progress thus far:

We added an essential kitchen feature – a window over the sink.

Yes, those are floor boards visible. We removed the rotted, aged flooring in this section of the kitchen. The window on the left was removed and my husband built this window instead.

Here’s my long-suffering sister-in-law scraping.

Who would have thought such a lovely floor lay hidden beneath three layers of vinyl, one sheet of linoleum and a thick coating of tar? 

Since my in-laws left, we have needed additional help finishing the room. This guy volunteered. Should I hire him?

You have a plaster knife and 18 months of experience? You’re hired! Get to work, young man.


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2 Responses to Making Progress

  1. Rita says:

    But where are the cupboards. I want to see cupboards!

  2. beewhisper says:

    Most of them are in place! I’ll post a picture of them soon. They have no doors right now, so it looks a little like one of Piet Mondrian’s paintings — lots of well proportioned cubes.

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