Walls! My once-and-future kitchen has walls! The past three weeks have been devoted to solving the mysterious details of plumbing and electricity. While I love the effects of draining sinks and well-lit counters, I’m not enthralled with pipes and wires, but walls! If it has walls and a ceiling, it’s a room; thus I have a kitchen!

We still have many weeks of labor before I can move out of my makeshift kitchen. Black cement once glued to linoleum must be scraped off the hardwood floor. We must apply second and third coats of plaster to sheet rock joints before we can paint the walls. There’s tiling, sanding, and finally setting the cabinets. But we have a room! We have light! We have pipes that plumb! We are more than halfway through our project!

(Don’t worry, Gia, you will still have a cake for your February wedding. The makeshift kitchen has a perfectly functioning oven.)


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2 Responses to Walls!

  1. lovetopaint says:

    Yippee! Walls are a beautiful things. We’re working on one of those… The plywood is painted with chalkboard paint and is ready to go up! Now, just to get the paint on the wall before it goes up. That’s on my to do list this afternoon 🙂

  2. beewhisper says:

    Chalkboard paint sounds like fun! I’d like some here but I don’t know where to use it. It’s funny I was just thinking about you today and hoping your unpacking was going well.

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