Making a (Clean) Face

Six meals a day fuel my growing boy, and until recently, all six ended with a battle. My son refused to let me wipe his face and hands clean. Initially, I tried making it fun, but that produced more grimaces than grins. I resorted to firmly grasping his hands with one hand and swiping the twisting face with the other. Frequently, I gave up early and let him go through his day with blueberry smudges surrounding his mouth.

Two days ago, when it came to wipe my son’s face after dinner, my husband grabbed the spray bottle I had been using to rinse fruits and vegetables, and squirted water directly onto the baby’s face. I waited for his protesting cry, but he laughed instead. His giggles continued as my husband swiped his face clean with a rag.

Ever since, he has begged to be sprayed with water, and we happily oblige. Perhaps it’s a little odd, but his face no longer blue.


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