Last Saturday, my baby and I packed our bags and left my husband alone in the house. While we were gone, he demolished our kitchen.

Before attacking the walls, my husband moved a few cabinets from the kitchen into what will become our temporary kitchenette. Meals this month will feature the microwave and crockpot.

This kitchen job will involve rearranging a few walls. The secretive and creepy stairwell behind our sink has been removed, as has the peninsula between the breakfast nook and the stove. My husband will  also rework the electricity and add some additional plumbing to accommodate a posh wet bar in the corner of the kitchen.

This week, we are …

… anticipating sleeping under the same roof after a week of separation.

… grateful for the affectionate arms that tended to our toddler while we wielded sledge hammers and scrubbing brushes.

…  eating microwaved-eggs and delivery pizzas (at least my husband is).

… dreaming of a spacious and welcoming new kitchen, while striving not be daunted by the enormity of the project.


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Christian, Mama, Wife, Gardener, Beekeeper
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3 Responses to Upheaval

  1. I need to come visit you sometime! I think of you often 🙂 Hope your kitchen remodel goes well! I’m sure it will be gorgeous when it’s done!

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