Baby Cakes

For my sister’s bridal shower, I bake a sampling of cakes and let the guests select which should appear at the wedding. Two of the tiny 6-inch cakes were lemon cakes, one was from the same Epicurious recipe as this, and the cake at the top of the photo was the lemon cake from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.

When I found a cake titled Moist Chocolate-Cherry Stout Cake on Martha Stewart’s site, I knew I had to try it. I love chocolate. I love cherries. I like cake,and I wanted an excuse to buy a pack of Guinness. When I adjusted the recipe to fit a 6-inch cake pan, I discovered that I only needed a third of the bottle. Determined not to let good Guinness go flat, I finished the drink as I baked. Yet, I do not think those swigs of beer were the reason this cake was dry. Perhaps I overcooked it? Yet that, too, seems unlikely as I checked it for completeness often. The dried cherries seemed to be a good idea, but added an odd chewy texture to what ought to have been a delicate dessert.

The shiny exterior of this cake is lovely. I poured over the cake a ganache frosting from a combination of chocolate and cream, and for additional shine I added a second layer of ganache lacquer from Heavenly Cakes. The butterflies are paper. (Hmm… The pins I used reminds me of my days in Entomology Club when I used capture, freeze and pin butterflies onto display boards. I’m glad I didn’t realize that until just now. It’s kind of gross.)

Of the lemon cakes, the favorite lemon cake was the one with black raspberry filling, but everyone loved the white chocolate icing the other. So, the final cake will use the batter and filling from Epicurious and the icing from Heavenly Cakes.

I am still seeking a chocolate cake perhaps Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Chocolate Oblivion will be the winner.


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