Good Cakes, Odd Settings

In my quest for baking opportunities, my cakes have appeared in a few odd locations — like this delicate lemon cake, which made its debut at a bonfire.

Certainly the math is odd: 2 rental port-a-pots, 1 large pig barbecued, 1 small forest split into firewood, 10-foot poles for marshmallow roasting, an aging classic rock cover band, an assortment of brownies, homemade goodies, and 1 fancy mini wedding cake.

This cake is from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Rose’s Heavely Cakes, and it is quite tasty. The cake itself is dense due to a mixture of almond and all purpose flours, and it’s frosted with a white chocolate buttercream icing.

I also used Thanksgiving as an excuse to bake a cake, although not a potential wedding dessert. Instead, I made a three-layer pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing from Epicurious. The Chinese five spice gave the layers a gingerbread flavor, and a little orange zest in the cream cheese added an unusual and pleasant flavor to the icing.

My husband liked this cake but still wished for pumpkin pie. Sorry, darling, I’ll bake you a proper pumpkin pie someday soon.


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