Monthly Archives: October 2011

Baking Lessons

Breath deeply.  I’m baking a wedding cake for 250 people. My super cool sister is getting married to an equally awesome fellow this February, and the typical saccharine confection simply will not please. She wants a cake that actually tasted as … Continue reading

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Tangles and Giggles

Last week, we abandoned the perpendicular world of suburban American — where even grass and pavement form right angles — for a place of tangled vines and twisted reeds. In Vermont, we found homes full of healthy, boisterous children and fields full of weeds. … Continue reading

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The Wild Things

We’ve been living on the wild side lately … where we find the unexpected lurking behind cabinet doors … or in our tea kettle (peeking duck, anyone?) …. or innocently standing beside us.

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Garden wrap up

This summer in the chaos of preserving produce from my garden, I forgot to care for the plants providing the food. By September, my green bean leaves were nibbled to lacy bits by an unidentified hungry insect. One tomato plant … Continue reading

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