Great Moments in Motherhood

Last week, my little man became cranky — scooting over to me, clutching my leg and gazing, pleadingly with his cornflower blue eyes. I ran through a quick mental checklist: Does he have a stinky diaper? No. (Thank goodness.) Does he need to nurse? Possibly. Does he want food? Probably.

So, I rinsed a large strawberry and sat down beside him. I ripped it into pieces and placed one piece in his mouth. Then I handed him another piece. Rather than rapidly chomping on that piece or using it as a edible crayon, he reached over and placed it into my mouth. The bit of strawberry nearly fell out of my gaping, stunned mouth.

Today, I heard coos and murmurs announcing that my little one was no longer napping. I opened the door and was surprised to see that the child who went to sleep fully dressed had removed his clothing and his cloth diaper’s waterproof cover. Thank goodness my little stripper didn’t get the diaper itself off.


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