My Favorite Baby Things

My husband and I have tried to refrain from buying too many baby things. We don’t want to fill our house with large, plastic objects that outgrow their usefulness in a few months. (We are happy to accept these things as hand-me-downs and loans, and we are very grateful to have borrowed a bouncy seat and an exersaucer.)

Some baby things are necessities. Most people, even bachelor uncles, know that babies need burp rags, diapers and tiny clothes.

Beyond the usual baby supplies, I have discovered some things that I would consider absolute necessities to motherhood. Every time I use these items (which is nearly every day) I silently thank whomever invented them.

These things are not included in layette checklists or registries, but I learned of them through other mothers. I wanted you to know about them in case you are a parent of a baby or will be a parent of a baby or are shopping for a baby.

Baby Things I Love:

1. Nursing cover. A dear friend gave this to me while I was pregnant. (Thank you Laura!) While I was immediately grateful for it, I did not now how wonderful it was until my son arrived. I needed to nurse him constantly and this cover allowed me to modestly feed him anywhere. When he grew older and more curious, the cover securely tied around my neck and prevented him from exposing me.

I appreciate this nursing apron so much that I make one for every new mother I know, using this pattern.

2. The babycarrier. I’m very fortunate to have sister-in-laws with babies, because they have given me lots of hand-me-downs, books, and great advice. All three of these women use and adore the Ergo. I’m glad I took their advice and registered for my own. It rocks! We use it while hiking, shopping, and vacuuming. It’s comfortable, and unlike the wrap-style carriers, it is very husband-friendly.

The Ergo in action

I have several other carriers that have also been helpful. As a newborn, my son preferred the sling to any other carrier, and I used it almost exclusively for his first 3 months of life. It’s still helpful for quick trips to the store. But, because it’s a size small, my husband cannot use it. I also own a Mei-Tai style carrier called the Piggy Sack. This is very versatile and pretty, but is not quite as comfortable or easy to use as the Ergo.

3. A Plastic Bib. As the child of a klutz (his mama), my son is not a very neat eater. Our first meals resulted in piles of stinky bibs lingering in my kitchen and many stains on my son’s pants. Meals have become much cleaner since I bought a Bjorn bib. It wipes clean and has a handy shelf to catch the inevitable spills. The bib’s strap hooks securely enough to prevent my son from removing it and tossing his food to the farthest region of my kitchen.

I was very, very grateful for this bib that morning.

Those are my most-have items! Have I missed anything?


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One Response to My Favorite Baby Things

  1. Anne says:

    I agree with all 3 of those. I loved my Ergo! The nursing covers only came out when I was just about done with our last. I really wish I’d had one! There are a few other things I highly recommend.
    1) The book Super Baby Food. It has a simple chart of when to introduce foods the first year. It also goes through individual foods later on and when you can introduce them raw and cooked. It’s a wonderful resource!
    2) The most versatile and inexpensive toy we found were plastic linking rings. They work as bath toys. You can connect them to other things. And they’re great for teething 🙂
    3) After trying all kinds of diaper rash creams, I finally discovered that Walmart’s generic Eucerin is wonderful. It’s $4 for 16 oz. which is a great price, too. My second and third children really struggled with diaper rash. I tried so many things before I finally discovered this. I switched diapers with my third which I also discovered prevented it before the rash often before it even began.

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