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Chard love

Swiss chard is a generous vegetable. I planted it early this spring (4-weeks before our no-frost date) and enjoyed its spinach-like leaves a month later. When spinach disappeared from the farm stands, wilting in summer’s fever, I was still harvesting … Continue reading

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Book Review: Money Secrets of the Amish

In late 2008, the toppling of the financial firm Lehman Brothers seemed to shake every financial institution in America. While Americans across the nation floundered to meet their payments and banks begged for government help, NPR reported that the financial system in Lancaster County, … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Motherhood

Last week, my little man became cranky — scooting over to me, clutching my leg and gazing, pleadingly with his cornflower blue eyes. I ran through a quick mental checklist: Does he have a stinky diaper? No. (Thank goodness.) Does … Continue reading

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My Favorite Baby Things

My husband and I have tried to refrain from buying too many baby things. We don’t want to fill our house with large, plastic objects that outgrow their usefulness in a few months. (We are happy to accept these things … Continue reading

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Isaac and the Groundhogs

Over the past two summers, my husband has been battling the vermin that destroy my crops. I’m too squeamish to kill the groundhogs myself. Give me a pig, frog or rat that has been killed, soaked in perservatives and injected … Continue reading

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