Spring Feasting

Scattered thundershowers have curtailed my garden chores this week, giving me time to wash the bathrooms, scrub my freezer, and compose a blog post.

During the past month, we’ve enjoyed asparagus quiche with homemade bread, garden greens and a simple vinaigrette.

In April, we ate lots of French breakfast radishes. Most radishes are more fun to grow they to eat, because they mature rapidly. Only two weeks after sowing the seeds, I spotted tiny sprouts in my radish row. Within a month, their roots thickened into blush pink finger-sized vegetables. Despite their quick growth, many radishes are too peppery for my palate. Despite their attractive color and rewarding growth, I could not enjoy them. Fortunately, the French breakfast radishes I grew this year lacked the bite of the traditional varieties.

I loved my radishes, but perhaps I am prejudice: These radishes were my garden’s first fruits of the year and thereby prized above any sweeter crop that it might yield later.

I ate the radishes raw, sliced on salads, and marinated. In the mornings, they were delectable on buttered toast, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and dill. I even made pesto from the tops as suggested by Chocolate and Zucchini.  (This was very good when made with half almonds and half pine nuts. Pesto made with solely pine nuts is too bitter for me.)


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