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No Room for Books?

When electronic book readers were first introduced, I scoffed, believing that nothing could replace the touch of paper and the musty smell of a well-aged book. I may have been wrong. More and more of my technologically-savvy friends are reading … Continue reading

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Garden Woes

In the early spring, I sow seeds with hope, envisioning platters of ruby tomatoes, shelves of crunchy and tart pickles, and fresh lettuce for months. Some time after the first little sprouts lift their head from the soil, disaster strikes. … Continue reading

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Spring Feasting

Scattered thundershowers have curtailed my garden chores this week, giving me time to wash the bathrooms, scrub my freezer, and compose a blog post. During the past month, we’ve enjoyed asparagus quiche with homemade bread, garden greens and a simple … Continue reading

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