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Food Versus Lead

Living among lead can be a frightening proposal, but mercifully, dietary measures can reduce the amount of lead that accumulates in the body. I’ve spent many hours reading about what foods can benefit those with lead poisoning or exposed to … Continue reading

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Dandy Love

“Every year,” said Grandfather. “They run amuck; I let them. Pride of lions in the yard. Stare and they burn a hole in your retina. A common flower, a weed that no one sees, yes.  But for us, a noble … Continue reading

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Today,  my husband’s phone vibrated, announcing the arrival of the morning. He slowly rose from the bed to take a shower (or as his sister says “shake a tower”). I lingered between the sheets, between sleep and wakefulness. The cloud-filtered … Continue reading

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Raze the roof

Saturday was bleak and wet. Trapped indoors, my husband began the transformation of our living room. When we first turned on the heat in our house, water escaped from the pipes and gushed onto the floors upstairs and through the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dragons of the Valley

I generally dislike books written specifically for teenagers and preteens.  As a teacher, I prefer students to devote their time reading good literature instead of empty novels. Teenagers are mature enough to understand and gain from great writers, and even … Continue reading

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Reducing the Risk of Lead Poisoning

Our charming historic home has a dark side behind every wall and on every ceiling — a thing that threatens the well-being of my child and any future children we might have. The former owners coated their home in lead … Continue reading

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Great Expectations Unachieved

I had a birthday flop this week. I initially dreamed of collecting as many free things as I could for my birthday, using this list as a starting point. But I lacked transportation. This week, we sold two of our … Continue reading

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