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Haiku: Baby Learns to Crawl

Arms long and reaching, Nibble knees kicking wood floors, Mischief beginning. My favorite pair of red-headed mohawked monkeys. Advertisements

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Book Review: “The Cleaner Plate Club”

Recently, I’ve begun exploring the culinary world outside of wheat, chicken breasts and romaine lettuce. My tastes buds have ventured into plates of turnips and cardoon, and they plan future endeavors in celeriac, kohlrabi, and even liver. In pursuit of … Continue reading

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Hay Box Oats and Other Ramblings

I had planned to post this last week, but my writing was interrupted by an unexpected journey to Vermont. A good friend of my husband’s died while serving his country in Afghanistan. My husband took a week of vacation (they don’t … Continue reading

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Baby Poop and Treating Constipation

New parents are often accused of being obsessed with their baby’s bowel movements, but can you blame us? First, we constantly have to face the doo-doo by changing our child’s diapers several times a day. Thus, we are forced to … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

This year, Punxsutawney Bill peered out his hole, didn’t see his shadow and scurried into the ground, forecasting an early spring. I’m so glad his prediction has proven to be correct thus far. The world smells of spring. (Actually, it … Continue reading

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