Two Years Ago …

Two years ago, my husband sent the following email to his family and friends.

Dear Friends and Family,
There is a guy’s way of communicating things, and there is a girl’s way.

My way: I want you all to know…I’M ENGAGED! (to Becky Straw)

Becky’s Way:

I’m sending you an email to warn you of the dangers of hiking along waterfalls at dusk. For example, Isaac and I were rather reckless last Friday evening and climbed the paths along Glen Onoko Falls, near Jim Thorpe, Pa. We arrived at the park at 4:30, just as the sun was brushing the western horizon. We drove past the gate at the park’s entrance, which read “Park closes at sunset,” and continued for a mile towards the trail head. Once hiking, we wandered by the frozen falls, finding the path slick in areas but mostly passable. Then, at the top of the falls, Isaac veers off the path, crossing the creek and walking towards the sunset. I followed him to a pile of rocks that we assumed to be the top of the very obtusely curved mountain. There, he and I reflected on our eight month relationship, and I began to wonder where this conversation was headed. Then he sat down among the rocks, and I sat across from him.

“I’m committed to this relationship,” he said.
“So am I.”
“I’m proposing to you.”
“Oh! I should stand up!”

I stood and he knelt. He asked and I said, “Yes.” I giggled, and he laughed and brought out a lovely ring. Then he drew a bottle of red wine from his backpack and two glasses, and we toasted to our next 100 years.

Then, we cautiously climbed down the now dark mountain to our car. Drove past the still open gate and found dinner at scrumptious restaurant off one of Jim Thorpe’s narrow twisted streets.

And so, be careful of walking up mountains with boys when the sun is about to set — it could change your life.


Will you?


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