In the Trenches

Despite appearances, we do not have exceptionally ambitious groundhogs, or Dune-sized worms, or even funny fault lines at our home — just one very determined home-improver with a shovel.

My husband dug this trench a month ago. (I’m late posting the image.) That week, our house was experiencing inexplicable electrical disturbances. My husband noticed that the lights in our garage no longer lit. That same day, our gas oven refused to operate, but the stove range and broiler functioned normally. The motor to my food processor followed the oven’s example and quit.

We shouldn’t have been surprised: Strange things happen in a 200-year-old home with several different electrical systems.

A few days later, the oven resuscitated itself and has been working without complaint; however the other power issues required attention.

My husband speculated that a tree root disrupted the electrical line to the garage, which would require laying a new electrical line from the house to the garage. He dug a trench in the frozen earth on one weekend. The following weekend he laid wire in the ditch and connected it to the electrical system. Within the month, the garage doors opened automatically, the lights turned on and the heat functioned.

After a month’s interruption, we can return to our normally scheduled home renovations.


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