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Making Beds

On Monday, I made my vegetable garden beds. That night, nature tucked them in under a blanket of snow. The term “garden beds” seems apt at the moment for they are filled with dreams. I imagine climbing pea vines laden … Continue reading

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A Few (too many) Thoughts on Wendell Berry

On occasion, I read an author whose words shape my amorphous thoughts. My embryonic ideas are expressed as fully developed essays. Certainly, this was my experience when I encountered Wendell Berry last year. Berry is an agrarian thinker, someone who believes … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago …

Two years ago, my husband sent the following email to his family and friends. Dear Friends and Family, There is a guy’s way of communicating things, and there is a girl’s way. My way: I want you all to know…I’M ENGAGED! (to … Continue reading

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Sourdough Superbowl

Sunday began and ended in sourdough. Before church we made sourdough waffles that were lighter than summer clouds. (See below for the recipe.) Sourdough bread featured prominently that night at our Superbowl party for non-football fans. I sliced the bread I baked … Continue reading

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Everyone’s Favorite Fungus

Along with cultivating lactobacteria, I have captured and nurtured microscopic fungus. Yeast, the fungus responsible for beer, wine, bread and cheese, is perhaps one of the best loved microorganisms. So far, scientists have identified 1,500 species of yeast, and they … Continue reading

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In the Trenches

Despite appearances, we do not have exceptionally ambitious groundhogs, or Dune-sized worms, or even funny fault lines at our home — just one very determined home-improver with a shovel. My husband dug this trench a month ago. (I’m late posting … Continue reading

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