Book Review: Radical by David Platt


Don’t read this book if you relish a complaisant lifestyle. Don’t read this book if you desire a cozy, Christian-ish religion. However, if you want a book to stir you into living a counter-culture life modeled after Christ’s, read this book.

With passion but not comdemnation, David Platt suggests that American Christians have been lured into accepting a  second-rate version of success, success as defined by the American dream rather than Christ’s definition of success.

Americans deeply believe the dream that anyone who strives toward a goal should achieve it. We believe that we should try to be “the best we can be.” While each individual might have a slightly different view of what their goals are or what their best is, their aspirations are similar — wealth, a happy home, control, and respect. We all desire these things for ourselves and our children.

Christ failed to achieve the American dream. He had no wealth, no home, and no respect. Instead, he was persecuted, mocked, abused, and slain. In the Bible, He promises that his followers will be treated likewise. So why, Platt asks, do American Christians expect anything different?

Platt calls his readers to recognize that their faith is more than just a Sunday habit. The faithful in America cannot remain faithful while clinging to their dream of prosperity and bliss. Instead, we, as believers, must cling to the Word and give sacrificially for others.

I was convicted by Radical. It unearthed my own longing for the security of a savings account, when instead my security should be in Christ. It also revealed my love of beautiful possessions for I am unwilling to give of my comfort for the needs of someone else.

I was also ashamed of my occasionally blase attitude toward God’s Word when compared with the attitude of believers in countries where Christianity is banned.  Platt describes clandestine Bible studies that last for days. I am antsy after an hour.

While I don’t plan on formally completing the Radical Experiment Platt outlines in the end of his book, I am striving to follow its gist – study the Bible, pray for the nations, give sacrificially and serve others.

I found this book easy to read and very provoking. Radical is an excellent book to give to those wondering what it means to be a Christian. It clearly describes the rewards and the cost of following Christ.

Disclaimer: I received this for free book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing as part of the Blogging for Books program.


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