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Garden of Microbes

As a former biology teacher, I find invisible creatures fascinating. Germs! Virsuses! Bacteria! These little guys live everywhere and they have a range of characteristics. The most famous microbes are the ferocious ones that attack and kill even the largest of … Continue reading

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Curtain advice, anyone?

Our wooden-framed, blown-glass windows are being exchanged for more energy-efficient ones. The housekeeper in me is thrilled to see the ancient windows leave. Between the interior window and the exterior storm window was two inches of un-cleanable space that had … Continue reading

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Book Review: Radical by David Platt

  Don’t read this book if you relish a complaisant lifestyle. Don’t read this book if you desire a cozy, Christian-ish religion. However, if you want a book to stir you into living a counter-culture life modeled after Christ’s, read this … Continue reading

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Bye Bees

Two weeks ago, I walked past our beehive and noticed that the sugar-syrup concoction I had been feeding my bees had not diminished over the past several weeks. Maybe it was too cold for them to collect any more food, I reasoned. I rapped … Continue reading

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Although  I am older I often find myself copying my artistic sister, Gia. If she recommends a musician, I’ll listen to him. If she tells me to read a book, I’ll read it. I strive to eat organic local food … Continue reading

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Special K-bar

“Look at this.” My husband was peering through our upstairs window. A red light hovered over our house from which beamed a large spotlight into the woods behind the house.  We watched as the search light turned on set of … Continue reading

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Crazy Frank

Over our steaming bowls of oatmeal, my husband and I frequently participate in a hobby called Frank Watching. The odd and elusive Frank dwells in a squat brick home beside our own.  Every day Frank wears a tight white tank, … Continue reading

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