The Coffee Mystery

We hosted our church’s evening worship Sunday. After the crowd dissipated, we quickly returned the chairs for their perspective locations and otherwise restored order to our home. This morning, we discovered that we had forgotten to clean the coffee bar. There beside the mugs, we found a mystery: A half cup of coffee and a matching amount of cream sat unused. Why had no one finished them?

I theorized that they were the polite remainder. The leftovers passed over by those being kind to some unknown other would desire to drink them. A likely reason, my husband agreed. He had taken a little less to ensure that there would be enough to share.

As he spoke, my husband glanced again at the coffee bar and discovered a clue: an empty sugar bowl. Was sugar the limiting reagent that prevented someone from drinking a perfect, final cup of coffee? It seemed to be a more likely scenario to us.  Thus, we will blame the crime of curdled cream on the abandoned sugar bowl.


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One Response to The Coffee Mystery

  1. beewhisper says:

    P.S. My photography skills are woefully inadequate to grace an interesting blog. I’m going to try to include more sketches like the one above instead.

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