Our Old House

Last August, my husband and I bought a beautiful, slightly decrepit home with a vision of restoring it. Our three story house was erected as a parsonage in the 19th century.  We assume that it was once the setting for wedding, funerals and Sunday school classes. Here it stands as we first saw it in all of its abandoned grandeur.

We were charmed by the potential that was glimmering through stained glass windows and shining off wood floors.

Unfortunately there was more than potential in those wood floors. Mildew dulled the wood color and the air was damper than a Maryland summer day. The dehumidifier and sump pump were improperly set up, and repairing these was our first task as home owners. We also needed to remove these from our basement window:

The next few tasks were simply housekeeping – removing a half inch of mold from the inside of kitchen cabinets, repairing the septic tank, fixing the heating, and scrubbing lots of walls.

Soon, we were on to bigger, more interesting tasks. My husband and his family removed the rotten floor in the laundry room and replaced it with beautiful tiling.

The laundry room before and after:

Last fall, we decided to give our bathroom a simple face lift. All we needed to do was strip the wallpaper and repaint. But we moved the toilet to make space for our brushes, we discovered that that floor had also rotted. Faced with a larger project than we expected, we decided to make it even larger. Our mansion-sized house had only one shower, which was a problem when we host members of my husbands large family. (Once we had 12 house guests, one full bath and very long lines for the sole shower.) So we added a stand-up shower to the downstairs. The easy-peasy bathroom fix lasted 5 months, but is now finally complete.



Our next project is installing our new windows. (Thank you, Obama, for making them a little cheaper.)


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4 Responses to Our Old House

  1. Gia says:

    It’s really neat to see the befores and afters– I had forgotten what those rooms originally looked like!

  2. Anne says:

    I love the pictures of your house =)

  3. beewhisper says:

    Thanks! It’s a beautiful place, but certainly an adventure.

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