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Is homemade bread worth it?

Comparing bread to bread is not as easy as comparing apples to oranges. The options are varied in ingredients and flavor. There’s beer bread, Sally Lunn bread, Wonderbread, sourdough bread, Italian bread, 100% whole wheat bread, rye bread, bakery bread, … Continue reading

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Is yogurt worth it?

Yesterday, I cultured yogurt, so today’s post will focus on whether or not yogurt is best made at home or bought at the store. In order for yogurt — or any other food product — to be more economical made … Continue reading

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Is it worth it? Introduction

I love baking bread. I enjoy kneading the responsive warm dough.  I salivate as the comforting aroma of baking bread rises from the oven. When the timer beeps, I immediately cut a thick, steaming slice for myself.Nothing seems so pure … Continue reading

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Making Conversation

A month ago, I met another young mother and her baby, just two months older than mine. We were the first to arrive at a social event and thus were expected to socialize. I attempted some small talk. When I … Continue reading

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The Coffee Mystery

We hosted our church’s evening worship Sunday. After the crowd dissipated, we quickly returned the chairs for their perspective locations and otherwise restored order to our home. This morning, we discovered that we had forgotten to clean the coffee bar. There … Continue reading

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Our Old House

Last August, my husband and I bought a beautiful, slightly decrepit home with a vision of restoring it. Our three story house was erected as a parsonage in the 19th century.  We assume that it was once the setting for wedding, funerals … Continue reading

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