Thanksgiving’s gone

Thanksgiving’s come and gone. The last of the turkey soup disappeared with lunch. Only a few slices from the eight pies we enjoyed remain. Our guests have returned to their home. Only after the clatter, chatter and cooking ends do I sit back and think, “That was fun.”

Here are some happy memories:

– Finding a second neck in one of my two turkeys, and imagining a two-headed bird rambling around the farm.

– Watching stuffed animals tumble down my stairway, followed by two laughing little girls.

– Seeing my bewildered baby being passed from aunt to grandmother to cousin.

– Five cooks bustling about the kitchen.

– A side table laden with pies. We had one pie for every two guests. Yum!

– Making up a second stuffing dish on the fly, and finding that it was better than the recipe I had carefully followed for the other stuffing.

– Sitting down to eat with 17 people all at one table.

– Discovering that free-range turkey can be just as succulent as a store-bought bird and twice as flavorful.

– Leftovers!!


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