Sleep in a tube

After reading about ways to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, I have concluded one thing: According to researchers, the best way to prevent an infant from dying in their sleep is to prevent the infant from sleeping.

Parents are told to put their babies to sleep on their backs, despite the fact that children sleep sounder on their bellies. Babies should sleep on firm (read hard) mattresses without loose blankets – only warm pajamas and a thin, wearable cotton blanket. The temperature should be maintained at 72 degrees.

I know of no mother who follows all of these protocols. Some let their babies sleep on their belly. Others pile blankets on the little ones or choose to bring their children into their beds. Every mother of infants I know is a little sleep deprived and thus sleep obsessed.

Finally, mercifully, the Squiggle has begun to wake me up only once or twice a night. I attribute this to two reasons. First, I moved the babe out of our room and across the hall. Despite what Dr. Sears and company have to say about the wonders of co-sleeping, I find that my marriage and sanity are more important the sharing a bed or a room with my baby. My husband and I would wake the baby with our preparations for bed and the baby would wake us up, even when he didn’t need to nurse, simply because we were there.

Secondly, I made a sleeping tube out of recycled wool. I found several online tutorials for wool blankets and finished the blanket by sewing up two ends into a tube. (I’ll post photos soon.) It’s wonderful! When the Squiggle wiggles in his sleep, he doesn’t kick off his blanket. A warm baby is a sleeping baby, and a sleeping baby allows mama to sleep too. He seems so cozy that my husband dropped the night time setting  on our thermostat a degree to reduce our heating costs. Also, all the SIDS worriers would be pleased to know that there are no loose blankets in the crib for my baby to strangle himself in.


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