Flaming Cake

When asked what he wanted as dessert for his birthday, my husband had one request: Something he could set on fire. Not chocolate cake, Boston cream pie, or apple a’la monde. A fire cake, preferably with ice cream. I considered a Baked Alaskan, but it sounded like more show than taste. I’m not too crazy about the meringue topping. So, here’s my plan. I’m baking a sponge cake today. Tomorrow at his birthday dinner, I’ll make a banana foster with bananas sliced into disks. (http://www.brennansneworleans.com/r_bananasfoster.html) Since you ignite the alcohol before serving the foster, we will have our happy birthday flames! The bananas will be sandwhiched between the sponge cake layers and then the whole thing will be dusted with powdered sugar and served alongside my brother’s homemade Nutella ice cream. Let’s hope this concoction is tasty!


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