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A Drone’s Love

Until this week,  drones, or male bees, seemed pretty worthless to me. They do not make honey. They don’t guard the hives. They don’t tend the young, seek nectar, produce wax or perform any visible service to the hive. They … Continue reading

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Coaxing the Squiggle to sleep often seems like a feat worthy of great acclaim – perhaps even worthy of a side act in the circus. Behold the Great Baby Tamer! She Who Puts Her Child to Sleep (sometimes)! Night time … Continue reading

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Flaming Cake

When asked what he wanted as dessert for his birthday, my husband had one request: Something he could set on fire. Not chocolate cake, Boston cream pie, or apple a’la monde. A fire cake, preferably with ice cream. I considered … Continue reading

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“I do”

This past weekend, my sister-in-law married an aspiring minister. After the two pledged their love for one another before God, family and friends, they shared their first kiss. The wedding was simple: Food was served as a potluck rather than … Continue reading

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