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Lesson for a New Momma

Symbiosis,” I told the class of semi-attentive 6th grade students,” β€œis to creatures living together in a close relationship. At least one member of the relationship benefits.” Three girls in the front row nodded. The boy in the back twisted … Continue reading

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Player Piano

Book Reflection At my husband’s recommendation, I read Kurt Vonnegut’s Player Piano. Perhaps one of the most striking things about this 1952 tale of dystopia is how it seems to embody some of the ideals of the agrarian author Wendell … Continue reading

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Summer sunshine

Ahh… Summer vacation. Students have crammed for exams, waited with eagerness to hear the results of their study and have now left the school for three months of bliss and boredom. Those same three months promise much bliss and little … Continue reading

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